Friday, March 7, 2008

tube head day

after adventures late into the night the next day is a tube head day.

sister and i went out the other night and had us some doings. there was a ballerina who did interpretive ballet to a bad live country rock band, and then to possibly an even worse hip hop-rock band. she was given a wide berth for her grandiose pirouettes and twirls. we became friends, my praise of her graceful dancing encouraged her to dance even more performatively. sister rolled her eyes often at me for "always talking to the weirdos", but she ate her words later. i left the two cozies together in the booth and went to dj with the dorky sound guy's ipod for awhile. i looked over to see if they appreciated my albeit slightly dissonant mix of alberto balsam and warren g's the regulators and behold! ballerina was lunging forward to smooch sister's exposed neck!

suffice to say that sister glared at me real hard for a while after that while i gleefully giggled on the dance floor.


Janice Hsu said...

!!!! (major eye rolling and glaring) yes...I was very unfortunately subjected to a "smooch" from the cracked out ballerina.... at least you included my dismay at your tendency to talk to weirdos.

Raquel said...

these are the kinds of experiences that get us through the hard times. have you talked to the other friends you met that night?

jennhsu said...

you're talking about pako and marco?

next wednesday at the bacchus.. "omg we're totally going!"